Saturday, May 30, 2009

American Pride Photo Contest

(This will probably also post to babycenter, so pardon the references)

So, Next week's photo contest is American Pride Photo contest (or any other country.) I love the idea, the board moderators are very involved with the board, which is nice. So Obviously, I want to submit a photo of Isabella for this one.

But WHAT? What will I do? I think today I will pull out the craft box and make soemthing. I am thinking a twirly style skirt and a fold over top. I am also thinking of decorating with ruffles or tulle...and making it from muslin because the lightweight fabric is so soft and flowy for hot summer days.

I am going to add anything else I can think of to show that Isabella and I (and the rest of our family) are very patriotic, we love our country and our president....So this will be a nice way to escape stress today. I will post back again as soon as the outfit is done.

Are you wanting to do something for your little one? Share with me your thoughts or plans (but not your picture, I will see it in the contest:-) )

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