Friday, May 29, 2009

A short break from learning meant time to create:

Well, I didn't feel too great today (or yesterday, for that matter) so I left the words up, practiced sounds for all of a few minutes and left them to play today. They are surely thinking TGIF, lol. But, Since I love sewing (Loving it does not mean I am good at it, but hey, whatever works) I decided to throw together some scraps that became the TuTu Shorts. I basically made a pair of shorts from scraps that had skulls on them. I gathered hot pink tulle, and then shorter, black tulle, and stitched them on. Not as easy as it sounds, but by no means difficult at all. anyway, I liked the look and she liked to wear them, until they were wet with spit up, then she liked them not so much.

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