Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday is All About ME today....

There is nothing so satisfying as finding the song that was stuck in your head....especially if you couldn't remember what it was. As I blasted "Saliva" "Always" this morning and the boys danced away, I felt like i should get motivated. At least try, right?

Today is my first appointment with a new doctor, who is supposed to help me with my medication, so I can have better days and be a better mommy. I have had such a tough few days, depression stinks. I hate myself when I am like that, and I hate how I just don't reach my own standard as a parent.

Well, my blog is short today because I am not having another day like that. I am off to clean a little and play a lot. Maybe I will come back and write a long one about reading when they sleep.

You say you want a sneak peek? Mason can read 2 words. YES he Can. And he does it by sounding them out (phonics!) And Zander can read 2 from memory!

More on this later, ok?

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