Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Busy Update....

I have been so busy! I have been caught up in trying to resolve some serious health problems, (it's going well as can be expected) and get the kids out of the house. I am not able to drive right now so I have to rely on help from my sister. She rocks, though, so at least once a week she takes me and the 3 younger kids out to playgroup or something.

Today my least favorite episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse is on during breakfast, so I am sneaking away to blog. (the episode is "Handy Helpers" and I hate it because the helpers break, and so cannot open the door for Mickey. Mickey says 'If the handy helpers don't open the door, my friends can't get int hte clubhouse' And I really feel like Mickey is so lazy to not do these things for himself. Mason and Zander are not yet in danger of being sloppy/lazy, since we have fun cleaning up every few days....but the older children have no clue how to pick up anything or do anything without grumbling, lol.

So, Not much has changed. We are holding steady but with no serious progress with reading. I believe it is because we have been stuck inside so much so today i decided to set it aside, have fun for a few days and let it be exciting again, then we will play the games I created just for the boys again.

In further news, Isabella is getting ready to crawl, and is doing some awesome mini-pushups. I have been playing tummy time with her more than the other kids because they hated it, and she lives for it. she prefers to be on her belly all the time. It has made her very strong, I am proud. She can also almost froggy sit! So we are practicing during our one on one time together and it makes me feel so excited for her.

Okay, must go clean the nursery for a game of "fort"! Go play with your little ones today- you have no idea how much they learn from play!

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