Thursday, June 4, 2009

Your baby can read- experiment....

I have been so busy it's hard to find time to post!
But, I had to update more on my progress with teaching the boys to read.

I will talk about Zander (18 months old) first, since it's simpler- He is memorizing the words well. I am playing games with him to encourage him to find the word, which has been rewarding for both of us, and he doesn't even know he is learning. For example, I will ask Zander to show me where it says "Cup" and he will show me where the word is on the door. If I write the word cup, and show him, asking what word is it? he will say cup. He can do this with a handful of words so far. I am tempted to push it and add more, but I think it's time to teach him the way I am teaching Mason, because he listens to me teaching Mason and copies the sounds we make.

Mason has risen to the experience with a great attitude. He likes letters. We start by singing the alphabet, and then we play a game. I am doing a few different games, so we aren't doing the exact same thing over and over, even though the lessons are the same. Today, we will sing the alphabet, and then pick 2 or 3 letters. we will draw them together and make songs about the sounds. For example, if we pick "B" we will make the "b" sound to the tune of twinkle little star (a favorite of Mason's when he was a baby). For letters that have more than one sound, I improvise. Mason has done well with that, too. Another game we played, as a way of taking a break from "teaching" and "learning" and turn it into more playing, I grabbed my camera and encouraged Mason to find things that started with certain letters, and then we took pictures. Arm, Ball, Cup, Door, and Eeeewwww were photogenic enough to be a funny game that showed Mason that things have names, and names are made up of letters.

So where is Mason at? he knows the entire alphabet and can sound out the majority of the sounds. so a 2 letter word is easy peasy...a 3 letter word is possible with patience.

A quick side note, i myself visited the Dr and am getting my health back in tip top. I am pleased with how it went and am feeling like I am well on my way to being normal again.

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