Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some Proof

So, today I was honestly in too much pain to clean, so I thought I'd do some extra reading time. And then I got the grand idea to create a video of Mason reading for my mother in law, She really gets a kick out of the whole thing. So, I am going to share this video with you all, to give you some incentive to read more and play reading with your little geniuses-in-the-making.

(sorry it is so dark, it was sort of spontaneous)

Mason turned 3 September 18th and there he is, reading. It is not fake nor prompted. He can do it anytime he sees these words, as well as quite a few others. However, I will add that if he doesn't feel like reading, he is a typica 3 year old and you cannot make him, hahah. I used all the games and methods here to teach him. I have the "your baby can read" program, and i do like it. we use the flash cards and stuff, but we don't really watch the videos. They are boring and honestly, we don't watch much tv. We prefer to do crafts, do art, read, run around, jump on the jumpoline, and just play games and trains legos and stuff.

Try this game with your little ones: Write on a piece of paper 3 body part names, for example, Ear, Foot, and arm. Point to a word,then the body part, and do a little dance. then point to a different word, the body part it corresponds with, and a different little dance. The idea is to then try to convince your little one to do the ear dance, pulling his ears, pointing to them, or touching his feet for the foot dance. Then, try to get him to do the right dance when you just point to the word without saying what it is. I did this with clap, sit, and down, and it really was fun and worked great.

A little reminder: When your kiddo is trying but gets the wrong answer, it is nice to say good try to encourage him or her. Don't be harsh when they are wrong, it only makes them feel defeated.

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